Weed Control In Glendale AZ

Got weeds? Who don’t! Well you don’t have too. Call Bernard’s Pest today and get an effective and reasonably priced weed control program anywhere in Glendale, AZ or nearby. Bernard’s offers both pre-emerge and post-emerge weed spray services and we guarantee all of our work.

how many weeds
are in your yard?

Pulling weeds stinks! And it’s not very effective. Not only do you almost always leave roots down in the ground but you will usually spread seeds out on top of the ground as well when you pull them. So not only do you get a back ache but you’ll just have weeds again in a couple of weeks.
Bernard’s Pest offers a full service Weed Control Program which includes both a Pre-Emergent application and as many Post-Emergent applications as is needed to do the job. The Pr-Emerge product settles into the top inch or two of the soil and prevents new seeds from most common weeds from germinating, thus preventing Weeds right from the start. It lasts for months and makes a huge difference in the number of Weeds you will have in your yard. The Post-Emergent product treats the weeds that are already present systemically, killing the entire plant including the roots. We make additional Post-Emergent applications as needed throughout the course of your warranty to get rid of the occasional weed that sneaks in. It all adds up to a more beautiful yard, 1 less reason for the HOA to bug you and no back ache!

So call Bernard’s Pest today at 623-404-3444 and get a Free Quote for Weed Control you can count on.