Rodent Control Glendale AZ
Mice, Rats, Gophers, Squirrels


If you need professional rodent control in Glendale, AZ or anywhere nearby, you need Bernard’s Pest. Mice, rats, gophers and squirrels can create quite a mess and can often be difficult to get rid of – especially if they’ve been there for a while. The sooner you evict them, the better – for your sanity, your health and your wallet. The good news is that you have a local, family owned pest control company in Glendale that can help: Bernard’s Pest. With over 12 years of experience and a first hand knowledge of the type of pest problems that folks in Glendale deal with, Bernard’s is the only call you’ll ever need to make.

Mice and rats cause millions of dollars worth of damages to our structures, food and personal belongings every year. Their feces and urine can cause staining and odors and even introduce potential health risks for you and your family. They breed extremely fast and cover a fairly large territory which means that if one of your neighbors has a rodent problem, you may too. Some infestations are so bad that the attic insulation has to be removed, the attic sanitized and then new insulation blown in. That’s expensive and messy and can be avoided if the problem is handled right and in a timely manner.

And then there’s gophers and squirrels. They can ruin your landscaping costing you money for repairs and plants and drawing the unwanted attention of your HOA. They eat the roots of many plants, dig up holes, make mounds of dirt in your lawn and make a mess of your expensive landscaping. They will also occasionally nibble into under ground sprinklers and their tunnels can undermine the integrity of the soil under sheds, slabs, etc. The longer they are there, the more of them there will be and the more unstable the soil in your yard will become.

Luckily, Bernard’s Pest has a solution for even your toughest rodent problems. Call today for your free quote or fill our our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you.