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Pest Control Tips and Advice

I thought this month I would provide some tips that will help keep pests out of your home and possibly prevent pest activity that could otherwise occur.
1. Annual Inspections – I highly recommend having a professional inspect your home once a year so that issues can be brought to your attention that you would otherwise not know about.
2. Keep Trees and foliage from contacting the home – Trees and Plants are homes for lots of different insects – if they are contacting the structure it can give easy access to the home for not only insects but rodents as well.
3. Keep cellulose material away from structure – Cellulose is wood, termites process cellulose from wood, your home is made of wood. See the connection? Store all wood a good distance away from the structure.
4. Store dry goods in air tight containers – I’m not going to get into too much detail on this one…Just going to ask that you trust me on this one. Bulk items can save money but can also create issues down the road. Air tight containers should be utilized.
5. Keep Moisture away from the structure – Keeping moisture away from the foundation will help reduce the possibility of termites and other insects. Keep an eye out for leaky faucets and clogged drainage as large amounts of moisture could pose big issues.
6. Routine yard maintenance – Keeping grass trimmed, having weeds treated or removed, and removing excess leaves on the ground will help reduce pest activity.
7. Talk to a professional before you “do it yourself”. So you do all your pest treatments and still can’t solve the issues, or they return quickly? Talk to a professional. Unless you have had years of training and experience and 1000’s of completed services you probably could get some really good pointers from the Professional. More than likely it will save you time and money in the long run.
I hope you enjoyed these Pest Control tips and that you’ll consider Bernard’s Pestas your Pest Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III