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Pest Control Maintenance

Summer is fast approaching and if you are in the desert we all know it’s already here. Like a lot of things, we are reminded during this time to make sure our essentials are taken care such as AC maintenance and car maintenance, etc. What I find to be the case a large amount of the time is people typically do not perform pest maintenance on their home, which I find strange because during the summer is when you will have the greatest amount of pest pressure.
Pest maintenance is not necessarily anything to do with applying pesticides but, a review around the home by a professional to point out conducive conditions that will most certainly save you time and money in the long run. After all, if you knew today that based on conditions around your home you are susceptible to possible termite activity, ant activity, or rodent activity in a few months would you choose to do nothing about it? Better yet, how would you feel after dealing with an ongoing ant problem for months that you actually could have prevented it from even happening in the first place? I run into a lot of do it your-selfers when it comes to pest control, meaning that when a homeowner has a bug issue they run out to the store, buy their material and spray. Hiring an experienced pest professional means, you are hiring an educated professional trained in understanding favorable habitats for pests who offers suggestions that will keep your overall pest activity to a minimum. Homeowners don’t realize that putting off trimming the trees contacting the property, watering in the evening, and keeping trash receptacles close to the home cause pest problems but, it’s your pest professional that should be bringing these items to your attention. Did you know your pest professional can actually save you money by bringing items to your attention that will lower your air conditioning bill? Oh Arizonans, did I get your attention now?
Our goal is to control the pest population in areas where pests are not wanted, that would be your home. Do yourself a favor and call a pest professional that can take a look in and outside of your home and recommend items that will keep your pest pressure at a minimum and save you money in the long run.
I hope this article gave you some Pest Control tips that help to make your life a little easier and I hope you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Pest Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III