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Info About Ticks On Your Dogs

Spring is finally here and along with the bee swarms about to get seriously underway I’ve had a few customers calling me about Tick on their dogs. Ticks are something that Bernard’s Pest can treat for but, believe me you don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with them. If you have dogs whether they go outside a few times a day to do their business or live outdoors for the most part, you definitely want to make sure they are taking a tick prevention. I know a lot of customers and friends that use a topical once a month on their animals, but unfortunately from what I am seeing that does not protect them against Ticks. I understand that most topical pesticides state protection from fleas and ticks but, again from what I’m seeing topicals do not stop ticks.
Some of you may be thinking to yourself, we have never had ticks, it won’t happen to our pups. Trust me when I recommend taking the precaution. It will save you money in the long haul, and will help dramatically to reduce the risk to your dog from tick borne illnesses and the discomfort of being fed on. I recommend talking to a veterinarian about a chewable for tick prevention as I have a few customers that have tried them particularly one called “Bravecto” and it has done a great job. I’m sure there are others that do great but I can only comment on what I have experienced thus far. I hope this article helped to explain Ticks and Tick Control better and I hope you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Tick Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III