Dog & Pest Waste Removal
In Glendale AZ & Nearby

If you’re looking for dog waste removal or a professional pooper scooper service in Glendale AZ or nearby, look no further. Bernard’s Pest offers dog and pet waste removal services for their customers, which helps to preserve a healthier environment with fewer pests for you and your family.

Dog poop can cause damage to your lawn and garden and harbor a variety of parasites and bacteria. Every time you, your children or pets are in the yard where the dogs do their business, you’re being exposed. E. Coli, fecal coliform Bacteria, Roundworm Larvae, flies, gnats, ants – the list of possible unwanted guests goes on and on.

Fortunately you don’t have to live with dog poop. If you don’t have the time or are otherwise unable to clean it up on a regular basis let Bernard’s handle it for you. The fee is minimal, especially if we’re there for a pest or weed control Service already. Enjoy your yard again – Call Bernard’s today: 623-237-3790 for more info.