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Searching for Bird or Pigeon Control Companies Near Me? Pest birds, especially pigeons, are a huge problem in the Glendale AZ area and throughout Phoenix and the surrounding cities and towns. Bird control, bat removal, mosquitoes – flying pests in general tend to be the more challenging pest control services. When it comes to pigeons, we include lots of nooks and ledges in the design of our homes to add texture to the overall look, but the pigeons love all of this. They nest in the nooks and roost on the ledges and POOP! They also have babies – lots of babies, with each pair of pigeons producing up to 8 broods per year. Each brood is usually 2 chicks. Before long those young ones aren’t that young any more and are starting families of their own. The thing about pigeons is that they have an extremely strong sense of community and, since it is a feral population (descendants of domesticated ‘homing’ pigeons) we’re dealing with, an even stronger sense of home. They are very stubborn about their home and want to stay close to their family members and to where they were born. If left alone they will eventually inhabit every protected place on the structure including those nooks, under solar panels, ope chimney spark arrestors, under roof mounted A/C and evap units and any other spot that offers protection from the elements and from predators. and they won’t leave – ever – unless you make them.

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Are You Cleaning Pigeon Poop?

Pigeon poop is very acidic and will damage just about any surface it lands on. That includes:

  • Roofing: tile, shingle, flat – pigeon poop will ruin them all. We’ve had a million referrals from roofing companies.
  • Solar panels: they live under the panels and sit – and POOP – on top of them constantly, which makes them less efficient.
  • Ledges: stucco, wood, brick – pigeon POOP will stain and eventually erode pretty much any ledge.
  • Sidewalks and driveways: the POOP with stain cement, pavers, sandstone, blacktop – you name it.
  • Pools: cool decking, diving boards, slides, etc. They love beach entries & rock features where they can get to the water.
  • Cars: pigeon feces will absolutely ruin the paint on any vehicle.
  • Rain gutters: they fill up with POOP which clogs and damages the drains and causes the water to back up and go where it’s not supposed to. Plus the weight of the POOP combined with rain water is too heavy and causes the drains to detach from the roof.
  • Roof mounted A/C & evap units – can’t tell you how many units we’ve seen that were absolutely full of POOP and caused them to rust out and some times short out, too.

Pigeon harbor diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Really nothing is sacred as far as pigeons are concerned. They will sit on and POOP on just about anything. But pigeons also present another big issue: health risks. After a while, pigeon feces dries out and turns into a dust, which becomes airborne and a part of your daily air supply. Not only do pigeons POOP a lot – no really – A LOT!!! – but they build their nests out of their POOP, too. So there’s plenty of it up there. That means that if you have a pigeon problem on your roof you are absolutely breathing pigeon feces with virtually every breath you take. Pigeon feces harbors all sorts of diseases and parasites including:

  • Avian Tuberculosis
  • Bird Flu
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Candidiasis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • E. Coli
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Listeriosis
  • New Castle Disease
  • Psittacosis
  • Samonellosis
  • St Louis Encephalitis
  • Toxoplasmosis trichomoniasis

You get the idea. A real pigeon problem can present a real health problem for you and your family and/or co workers, too. That’s why every bird control service or installation should include cleaning up the mess – period. Every time. Another benefit of having cleaned up the mess is the fact that you’ll know if the pigeons come back because there will be new POOP below where ever they are hanging out. Pigeon POOP can not only damage your home or business but is an embarrassing problem to have as well. Having guests or customers walking through bird crap on the way to your door doesn’t really send a great message, does it? Then it gets tracked inside and ground into your carpets. Now you’re breathing even more of it and if your kids or dogs are playing on the carpeting they’re touching it, too. Yuck!

Bird Pigeon Control Glendale AZ

Pigeon and bird spike, netting and more.

There’s just no reason to live with a bird or pigeon problem. There are all sorts of products and solutions that the professional pigeon pest control exterminator can utilize to get rid of pigeons. Most of the time it’s a combination of two or more of these resources that formulate a great bird control program. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Bird or pigeon netting
  • Bird screening
  • Bird or pigeon spike
  • Daddi Long Legs or Bird Spider
  • Bird trapping and removal / relocation
  • Scare Eye Diverters
  • Big Eye Balloons
  • Plastic owls and hawks – yes they CAN be a part of an effective control program if used correctly
  • Flash tape
  • Bird Wire or tension wire
  • Repellent gels
  • Bird Slide
  • Electric Bird Aversion Systems
  • Pigeon birth control program

There’s more tools available to the professional bird control technician, too, but that gives you a good general idea of what’s out there.

As mentioned earlier, it’s often a combination of two or more of these resources that will get the job done. Here’s a few examples:

  • Your home may require having a few roof line nooks cleaned out and either netted or screened to keep the birds out, combined with the installation of bird spike on some pop out ledges to solve your bird problem.
  • Or maybe you need to have the area under your solar panels cleaned and screened off to exclude the birds along with a trapping program to remove the 20 or so birds that hang out on your house all of the time.
  • It may be the combination of netting or screening off the protected area under your roof mounted air conditioning system with the installation of bird wire on a view fence around your pool area that gets the results you’re looking for.

Every job is a little different so a free inspection and price quote should be done every time so that the bird control company know what they need to do and how much time is needed to do it and the customer knows what the price and warranty will be before any money changes hands. And, of course, the potential bird control customer needs to vet all bird control companies that they are considering hiring. Check out their online reputation by typing the name of the company into a Google search box. It’s hard to hide these day so you should have a real good idea of how they treat their customers after this step.

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Bird and/or Pigeon control companies near me.

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Here’s what happens when pigeons live under your solar panels:

Bird Pigeons Under Solar Panels


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