Pigeon Proofing For Solar Panels

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Call Goldshot if you have Pigeons Under your Solar Panels. We clean up the mess and prevent them from coming back.

Call Goldshot if you have Pigeons Under your Solar Panels. We clean up the mess and prevent them from coming back.

Having solar panels installed on your home or business has never been easier. Solar panels are popping up everywhere – and for good reason. Between the energy savings, the boost in property value and the different rebates and tax incentives available from the government, it can add up to a pretty nice windfall. And you’re helping to save the environment, too! With almost daily advances in technology, it looks like solar is here to stay.

Of course, solar panels are also a real boon for the neighborhood pigeons, as well. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Pigeons are a lot like every other critter: they need food, water and shelter. Unlike a lot of other critters, they also have a tremendous sense of community. They want to live and hang out with other pigeons. Since they’re birds, living up high makes sense. The solar panels provide protection from hawks and other predators, a large enough area to accommodate a large family and close proximity to food and water on the ground. It’s the perfect storm.

So what’s the big deal? Why should you care if pigeons are living under the solar panels on your roof? The most important reason is your health. Nothing poops like a pigeon and their feces accumulates very quickly. As it dries, it breaks down into very small particles that become airborne and become a constant part of your air supply. That’s right: if pigeons are living under your solar panels, you and your family and/or co-workers are breathing their feces. All day, every day. Since pigeon feces is known to harbor many parasites and diseases, that ain’t a good thing.

If that’s not enough, wait – there’s more! Did I mention that nothing poops like a pigeon? Their feces is not only abundant, but also very acidic. So it damages just about any surface it’s allowed to accumulate on. That absolutely includes your roof (tiles, shingles, foam, rolled, etc.) and solar panels. We get lots of referrals from both roofing companies and solar installation companies. On top of that, it clogs up the drainage system which causes very nasty water to back up into the structure in many cases. So now we’re looking at all kinds of issues like drywall, flooring and even electrical damages. All because pigeons made a home under your solar panels.

Also, if pigeons are living under your solar panels, they are roosting and walking on your solar panels. And if they are roosting and walking on your solar panels, they are pooping on your solar panels. Just as sure as the sun is coming up tomorrow. That’s what they do: poop! The more they poop on the solar panels, the more damaged and less efficient the panels become. So the whole reason you made the investment in the first place was to save money and this don’t help.

There’s a better way. Have a professional pigeon control company install pigeon guards for your solar panels. Who do you call? Well, Goldshot, of course! But, whether it’s us or not, here’s what you want to look for when interviewing pigeon control companies:

  • Are they licensed? They should have a valid business license through the office that governs the pest control industry in your state. In Arizona, that’s the Office of Pest Management. If they’re not licensed, keep looking.
  • Are they insured? The OPM requires business liability insurance. So if a pest control company has a valid license in Arizona, they are probably insured.
  • Do they have a website? If not, you may want to keep looking. A professional website equates to a modern, up-to-date company and should include resources for a potential client to research that company. If they’re good, they’ll want to make it easy for you to see.
  • How does their online reputation look? As a  pest control company, but also their pigeon control work, specifically. There are a lot of pest control operators out there that list pigeons on their truck and business card but don’t really know what they’re doing. I know this to be true because we clean up and replace their work. Every. Single. Day.
  • Do they have a real plan of attack, and do they explain it to you in detail? If they are vague or unwilling (unable?) to offer a full explanation of their plans to solve your pigeon problem, run. Find someone who can demonstrate that they really do know what they’re doing and are honest enough to explain it to you.
  • Is cleaning included with the installation? I’m not talking about a hand broom, dust pan and one of those small plastic grocery bags. They should pull a hose with a spray gun up onto the roof and spray the targeted surfaces/areas down. That includes the roof, the panels, the walls and the cement below. All of the nests should be pushed out from under the panels, bagged and deposited into your trash can. Then the area should be sanitized. It’s not rocket science: they need to clean up the pigeon mess as a part of their pigeon solution. Brilliant!
  • Are they using quality products? Ask to see a sample of the mesh that they are using. We use a black PVC coated 1/2″ mesh that we purchase specifically for solar panel exclusion. If they are using the cheap hardware cloth or screening from Home Depot, move on. It looks terrible and it’s not as durable as what we use. You have to look at what they do to your home every day for as long as you live there, and so do your neighbors. If you’re going to spend money on this, make sure it’s something you can feel good about.
  • Do they make the installation without actually attaching the mesh directly to the panels? Be careful here. If they glue or screw the mesh to the panels themselves they will likely void the warranty on those specific panels. We have the experience and take the time to install without ever attaching directly to the panels. That’s why we have a handful of solar installation companies that refer their customers to us exclusively. Make sure you ask any company you may be interviewing exactly how do they attach the mesh.
  • What’s the guarantee? If you hire a pigeon control company to install pigeon guards for solar panels, they should provide a guarantee that pigeons cannot get under the panels for 5 years. If it’s less than that, call someone else.
  • Last and pretty much least is price. Pigeon guards for solar panels is not a good place to save a few bucks. Price should only be a factor if you have to pigeon control companies that both check off everything on the list. If you feel equally good about both, then go ahead and save a buck. But I have to tell you: we are often the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th company a customer has hired. So did they save any money?

I hope this article helps shed some light on how to get rid of pigeons living under your solar panels. And I hope you’ll consider Goldshot Exterminating as your pigeon control solution. As always: Happy Hunting!


John H. Goldshot
P.S. Goldshot Exterminating is a proud sponsor of StreetLight USA. Check them out at www.streetlightusa.org and see how YOU can help stop child rape. What if it were your daughter?

It’s Rodent Season – Are You Ready?

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It’s Rodent Season. Are You Ready?

Rodent Control Glendale AZ

Rodent Control

Although mice, rats, gophers and squirrels are active all year in the Metro Phoenix area, the probability of rodent/human interaction goes up significantly in the fall and winter each year. Why do there seem to be more mice and rats in the fall and winter? Because it’s getting cooler at night so mice and rats are looking for a warm, safe spot to set up shop for the winter. And your attic is pretty tempting.

Think about it: an attic is much warmer than the outside environment and it comes fully furnished with lots of soft, warm insulation for the whole family. There’s protection from predators and a virtual smorgasbord of food and water available downstairs every night – as soon as those inconvenient humans go to sleep. What’s not to like? You may hear scratching in the attic or walls. Or some folks describe it as a ‘track meet’ in the attic. Of course with mice and rats, there’s always the possibility of finding their droppings just about anywhere. Their population can grow fairly quickly and, if left undisturbed, can develop into a legitimate critter problem in no time at all.

So what’s a body to do? Be vigilant. Look for evidence of a problem. Check often in places like the garage (especially behind and under stuff), under the sinks and in the pantry for droppings, urine or ‘rub marks’ which are caused when a rodent frequents an area on a regular basis. Often the 1st sign is finding something that’s been chewed up, such as a bag of dog food or bird seed. And then there’s those odd noises that seem to be coming from the walls or attic. Don’t blow them off – it could be a visitor chewing on the electric wiring in your home.

If you find any evidence of a rodent infestation you need to take action immediately. Make sure trees do not hang over the home or touch it in any way. Good old fashioned snap traps baited with peanut butter is almost always effective – if used the correct way. There are also baits available over the counter. They should be used with caution and always within the instructions and specifications found on the label. I highly recommend exclusion work specifically for rodents such as screening off all of the exhaust and plumbing vents on the roof. Unless you’re experienced in that area, a professional exterminator who knows what they’re doing may be the way to go. Get a referral from a friend or family member and always check them out online: the Better Business Bureau and online reviews can tell you a lot about how they conduct business.

I hope this article raises your awareness and helps you to prevent a potential rodent problem from getting out of control. If you need a professional exterminator and you’re located in the Glendale area I highly recommend Bernard’s Pest as your rodent control solution. Happy hunting!


John H. Goldshot

P.S. Goldshot Exterminating is a proud sponsor of StreetLight USA. Check them out and see how YOU can help stop child rape. What if it were your daughter?

Posted as a GuestBlog from John’s original post: It’s Rodent Season – Are You Ready?

Dog Waste Concerns

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Dog Waste Removal Glendale AZ

Dog Waste Removal Glendale AZ

When I started Bernard’s Pest, I wanted to bring valued services to my customers. I’m not sure if many people know the main reason for pest control is the health related concerns that can come from infestations of certain insects. Along with the concerns of stinging pests there are many insects that can cause severe health related issues as well as cause damage to homes such as rodents chewing on wires that could potentially cause fires in homes. Those are of course at the forefront of most people’s mind however, there is another that most homeowners don’t know about. When I started Bernard’s Pest I chose to pick up dog waste as one of the services I provide. I am usually at the house already so it made sense to remove the waste at the time of the service for a minimal fee but, there are far greater reasons to remove the waste quickly that most homeowners don’t know. I decided to do some research and include some examples of how dog waste is truly a health hazard.

Some people believe that dog waste is good fertilizer, which is not true. Dog waste will burn and discolor the grass and will create “hot spots” where the burning occurred.

The “EPA” (Environmental Protection Agency), classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. If you live near water unscooped waste from your yard can be carried by water flow or washed into storm drains ending up in faraway streams, rivers, and even ground water.

Pet waste can spread parasites and when infected dog waste comes into contact with your lawn the dog waste will eventually disappear but the eggs of the parasite remain. Humans and animals risk infection when they come into contact through normal activities such as walking barefoot, gardening, or playing on the yard. These parasites can still be present years after the dog waste is gone.

Dog waste is known for collecting harmful bacteria including E. Coli and fecal coliform bacteria which can cause serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, cramps and diarrhea in humans.

Dog waste can often contain roundworm larvae and can cause blindness. If a human were to ingest this larva it could migrate through the body causing disease to the brain, lungs, kidney, liver, heart or eyes. It is possible when children come into contact with soil, dog toys, or anything that has come into contact with dog waste and then touch their mouths, they can become infected.

If you would like more information on this topic, you can find at http://water.epa.gov/polwaste/nps/dosdont.cfm
I hope this article shows how Pest Wastse can be a real problem in your yard. And I hope you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Pest Control and Pet Waste Removal solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III

Pest Control Tips and Advice Glendale AZ

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Exterminator Glendale AZ Pest Control

Glendale AZ Pest Control

I thought this month I would provide some tips that will help keep pests out of your home and possibly prevent pest activity that could otherwise occur.
1. Annual Inspections – I highly recommend having a professional inspect your home once a year so that issues can be brought to your attention that you would otherwise not know about.
2. Keep Trees and foliage from contacting the home – Trees and Plants are homes for lots of different insects – if they are contacting the structure it can give easy access to the home for not only insects but rodents as well.
3. Keep cellulose material away from structure – Cellulose is wood, termites process cellulose from wood, your home is made of wood. See the connection? Store all wood a good distance away from the structure.
4. Store dry goods in air tight containers – I’m not going to get into too much detail on this one…Just going to ask that you trust me on this one. Bulk items can save money but can also create issues down the road. Air tight containers should be utilized.
5. Keep Moisture away from the structure – Keeping moisture away from the foundation will help reduce the possibility of termites and other insects. Keep an eye out for leaky faucets and clogged drainage as large amounts of moisture could pose big issues.
6. Routine yard maintenance – Keeping grass trimmed, having weeds treated or removed, and removing excess leaves on the ground will help reduce pest activity.
7. Talk to a professional before you “do it yourself”. So you do all your pest treatments and still can’t solve the issues, or they return quickly? Talk to a professional. Unless you have had years of training and experience and 1000’s of completed services you probably could get some really good pointers from the Professional. More than likely it will save you time and money in the long run.
I hope you enjoyed these Pest Control tips and that you’ll consider Bernard’s Pestas your Pest Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III

Bee Control in Glendale AZ

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Bees Bee Swarm Hive Control Removal

This year I have had many calls for Bee Control in Glendale AZ and surrounding areas and usually it consists of homeowner that call in because they have recently had a bee swarm arrive at the home. A bee swarm occurs because a bee colony consists of one queen and thousands of workers and over time over crowding occurs and not all the workers have access to the queen. Why is that important? The queen is essential for a bee colony’s survival because bees feed and communicate through a process called ‘trophallaxis’ or simply ‘food sharing’. It is this process where pheromones are produced by the queen to attract the workers to her and in return they build the comb, forage and tend to the brood. When a colony gets so large that the workers do not have contact with the queen and no longer receive her pheromone signals, the workers create a new queen. The old queen takes off with part of the colony to establish a new hive and thus the ‘ball’ of bees flying around. Queens are not great flyers and the bees form a clump and have to rest often usually on a tree branch, or even on your home.
Most calls that come in for Bee activity are from newly formed swarms and I explain if they can wait 24-48 hours the bees will move on because they are looking for a suitable site for their new hive. In most cases when I call back the customer the following day, they are relieved that the bees have moved on, however there are a few exceptions. These exceptions are usually when bees have access into structures such as under eaves of homes where gaps have not been sealed properly allowing bees into the home. I recently had a service call for bees where a swarm reached the home and to my customer’s horror, bees were actually coming into her den. I believe that if the home was properly sealed she would have still had the swarm but, without being able to get into the structure they probably would have moved on after a day or so. There have also been instances where dogs have dug around a storage shed in a customer’s yard allowing the bees to have access under the flooring of the shed and thus became their new home. Bees are extremely important creatures to our environment and no one should want to destroy them, however they can also pose a serious health concern.
would highly recommend at least once a month, taking a look around the home and inspecting carefully for entries where bees have access. Having a pest professional perform regular inspections around your home will ensure that areas where bees have access can be sealed properly. Taking the time to do thorough inspections will most certainly save money in the long run and if bees don’t have a place at your residence to call home they won’t stay there.
I hope this article shed a little light on Bee Control and that if you have a Bee Problem you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Bee Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III

Pest Control Maintenance Service Glendale AZ

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Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

Summer is fast approaching and if you are in the desert we all know it’s already here. Like a lot of things, we are reminded during this time to make sure our essentials are taken care such as AC maintenance and car maintenance, etc. What I find to be the case a large amount of the time is people typically do not perform pest maintenance on their home, which I find strange because during the summer is when you will have the greatest amount of pest pressure.
Pest maintenance is not necessarily anything to do with applying pesticides but, a review around the home by a professional to point out conducive conditions that will most certainly save you time and money in the long run. After all, if you knew today that based on conditions around your home you are susceptible to possible termite activity, ant activity, or rodent activity in a few months would you choose to do nothing about it? Better yet, how would you feel after dealing with an ongoing ant problem for months that you actually could have prevented it from even happening in the first place? I run into a lot of do it your-selfers when it comes to pest control, meaning that when a homeowner has a bug issue they run out to the store, buy their material and spray. Hiring an experienced pest professional means, you are hiring an educated professional trained in understanding favorable habitats for pests who offers suggestions that will keep your overall pest activity to a minimum. Homeowners don’t realize that putting off trimming the trees contacting the property, watering in the evening, and keeping trash receptacles close to the home cause pest problems but, it’s your pest professional that should be bringing these items to your attention. Did you know your pest professional can actually save you money by bringing items to your attention that will lower your air conditioning bill? Oh Arizonans, did I get your attention now?
Our goal is to control the pest population in areas where pests are not wanted, that would be your home. Do yourself a favor and call a pest professional that can take a look in and outside of your home and recommend items that will keep your pest pressure at a minimum and save you money in the long run.
I hope this article gave you some Pest Control tips that help to make your life a little easier and I hope you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Pest Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III

Info about Ticks on your Dogs | Glendale, AZ

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Ticks Tick Control Glendale AZ

Ticks Tick Control Glendale AZ

Spring is finally here and along with the bee swarms about to get seriously underway I’ve had a few customers calling me about Tick on their dogs. Ticks are something that Bernard’s Pest can treat for but, believe me you don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with them. If you have dogs whether they go outside a few times a day to do their business or live outdoors for the most part, you definitely want to make sure they are taking a tick prevention. I know a lot of customers and friends that use a topical once a month on their animals, but unfortunately from what I am seeing that does not protect them against Ticks. I understand that most topical pesticides state protection from fleas and ticks but, again from what I’m seeing topicals do not stop ticks.
Some of you may be thinking to yourself, we have never had ticks, it won’t happen to our pups. Trust me when I recommend taking the precaution. It will save you money in the long haul, and will help dramatically to reduce the risk to your dog from tick borne illnesses and the discomfort of being fed on. I recommend talking to a veterinarian about a chewable for tick prevention as I have a few customers that have tried them particularly one called “Bravecto” and it has done a great job. I’m sure there are others that do great but I can only comment on what I have experienced thus far. I hope this article helped to explain Ticks and Tick Control better and I hope you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Tick Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III

Weed Killer Spray and Control Information | Glendale, AZ

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Glendale AZ Weed Killer Spray Control

glendale AZ Weed Killer Spray Control

Anyone who lives in Arizona understands the joys of dealing with weeds – almost any time of year. In fact, some homeowners enjoy weeds all year round. Many homeowners armed with their weed killer spray spend their weekends applying post emerge herbicide to get their yard back. Other homeowners decide to spend their weekends on hands and knees for their weed control by yanking the unwanted visitors from the ground, only to have to repeat this action every other week. I just pulled them!!, is what a husband may be telling his wife when she lets him know that the weeds have returned. One of the things that I have learned is when homeowners pull their own weeds they typically have more weed issues due to dropping seeds from the existing weed as it leaves your yard. Frustrating? Yep!!
In the Phoenix area, I recommend a pre-emergent herbicide to be utilized annually which will help greatly in your struggles for yard superiority. A pre-emergent herbicide is not a weed killer, however it is applied to the soil under the rock cover and helps prevent seeds from germinating. Applying the pre-emergent correctly is absolutely a necessity and following label directions will ensure you get the best results possible.
So you have used a pre-emergent herbicide and now you no longer have the need for post-emergent herbicides, right? Not likely. You should notice a significant reduction in the amount of those weed killer sprays you have to go out and buy however, over time with a consistent weed management program consisting of a pre-emergent herbicide once a year and routine maintenance about every other month with post-emergent herbicides, your frustrations of unwanted guests popping up in your yard will start to become a thing in the past.

I hope this information about Weed Spray and Control is helpful and I hope you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Weed Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III