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Bee Control And Removal Glendale AZ

This year I have had many calls for Bee Control & Removal in Glendale AZ and surrounding areas and usually it consists of homeowner that call in because they have recently had a bee swarm arrive at the home. A bee swarm occurs because a bee colony consists of one queen and thousands of workers and over time over crowding occurs and not all the workers have access to the queen. Why is that important? The queen is essential for a bee colony’s survival because bees feed and communicate through a process called ‘trophallaxis’ or simply ‘food sharing’. It is this process where pheromones are produced by the queen to attract the workers to her and in return they build the comb, forage and tend to the brood. When a colony gets so large that the workers do not have contact with the queen and no longer receive her pheromone signals, the workers create a new queen. The old queen takes off with part of the colony to establish a new hive and thus the ‘ball’ of bees flying around. Queens are not great flyers and the bees form a clump and have to rest often usually on a tree branch, or even on your home.
Most calls that come in for Bee activity are from newly formed swarms and I explain if they can wait 24-48 hours the bees will move on because they are looking for a suitable site for their new hive. In most cases when I call back the customer the following day, they are relieved that the bees have moved on, however there are a few exceptions. These exceptions are usually when bees have access into structures such as under eaves of homes where gaps have not been sealed properly allowing bees into the home. I recently had a service call for bees where a swarm reached the home and to my customer’s horror, bees were actually coming into her den. I believe that if the home was properly sealed she would have still had the swarm but, without being able to get into the structure they probably would have moved on after a day or so. There have also been instances where dogs have dug around a storage shed in a customer’s yard allowing the bees to have access under the flooring of the shed and thus became their new home. Bees are extremely important creatures to our environment and no one should want to destroy them, however they can also pose a serious health concern.
would highly recommend at least once a month, taking a look around the home and inspecting carefully for entries where bees have access. Having a pest professional perform regular inspections around your home will ensure that areas where bees have access can be sealed properly. Taking the time to do thorough inspections will most certainly save money in the long run and if bees don’t have a place at your residence to call home they won’t stay there.
I hope this article shed a little light on Bee Control and that if you have a Bee Problem you’ll consider Bernard’s Pest as your Bee Control solution. – Bernard A. McCleary III