Got Bed Bugs In Glendale?
Get Bernard’s Pest!

Bed Bugs are no joke. But if you’re in Glendale, AZ or anywhere nearby you’re in luck. Bernard’s Pest offers the best bed bug treatment available – period. A thoughtful, thorough, relentless plan of attack is exactly what you need when you have a bed bug problem and that’s what Bernard’s Pest does best. We’re experienced and we’re picky. We have the eye for detail that is absolutely necessary for successful bed bug treatment and the tenacity to see it through. You can count on Bernard’s Pest to eradicate your bed bug problem professionally from start to finish.

Over the past 15-20 years, bed bugs have become a huge part of the pest control scene. They breed fairly quickly, hide extremely well and transport better than just about any other type of critter. Traveling puts you at risk of bringing a bed bug Infestation home with you no matter where you may go. You should always check out bedding, furniture and vehicles to protect yourself. There’s even been a recent report that bed bugs were found on a mobile scooter at one of the big retail stores, so you just never know!

You don’t have to live with bed bugs! Call Bernard’s Pest today for your free quote: 623-404-3444 and let our family business provide your family with a bed bug free environment today. Nobody does pest control, including bed bugs, better that Bernard’s!

Bed Bugs have components in their saliva that act like an anesthesia making their bite nearly undetectable.
On top of that it also promotes blood flow to the bite to speed up the feeding frenzy. That’s what we call Fast Food!